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Ernest Trova - Untitled Color Silkscreen Print (from "Falling Man" portfolio) 130/150

Dimensions - Paper H11.5" x W 12.5", Image H10.5.5" x W 10.5"

Date - 1961

Artist - Ernest Tino Trova


Provenance - Westport Auction

Condition - Surface dirt and foxing to paper

Color silkscreen on paper. Edition 130/150. Signed on lower right. Enquire for more information.


Ernest Tino Trova was an American painter and sculptor best known for his series, The Falling Man, which prominently featured an armless, faceless figure meant to characterize “man at his most imperfect”. The Falling Man series includes sculptural, painted and printed depictions of this featureless figure, along with abstract renderings. The print above was released as part of this series.