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Le Corbusier Chaise Lounge Chair (Model LC4)

Dimensions - 31" x 22" x 63" (adjustable)

Date - designed 1928; this example produced later

Provenance - Los Angeles Modern Auctions


Le Corbusier was a Swiss-French Modernist architectural pioneer (among many other things). 

Preceding his early efforts to produce furniture, Le Corbusier wrote a book titled L'Art Décoratif d'aujourd'hui, couching (pun intended) his early thinking on furniture in the theoretical. In L'Art Décoratif d'aujourd'hui, Le Corbusier championed mass produced furniture and criticized excessively colorful and extravagantly decorated objects.

The Chaise (LC4) Lounge chair pictured here was one of Le Corbusier's most popular designs. It became known as a “relaxing machine” because of its form-fitting curvature.